Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Black Panther Party Supports Elkins?

When there is so much overwhelming evidence against De'Marquise Elkins regarding the shooting death of Antonio Santiago people tend to wonder why in the world the New Black Panther Party would protest during the hearings? I remember watching old news clips that had the Black Panther Party protesting because they didn't want their black brothers and sisters fighting in the Vietnam war. I can't say that I blame the Old Black Panther Party for that, the Vietnam war was completely unjust.

So while the Black Panther Party of yesterday seemingly had legitimate concerns, why would the New Black Panther Party support a baby killer? I have done some research on the New Black Panther Party and I have narrowed it down to two simple issues.

First, they hate all whites. It doesn't matter if you are a white man, woman, child or infant; they want you dead just the same. They feel that they've been oppressed by the white man for many centuries. Some of our ancestors have been especially cruel to black people. So they use this as their excuse to call for the deaths of all white people. Whether those people are British, American, Australian or come from any other region of the world; they simply do not care.

Second, they want freedom from our rule of law. They don't want any black people to be subjected to military service, criminal prosecution, attending our schools; just to name a few of their demands but they want free health care and housing.

So they morally support De'Marquise for shooting an innocent baby in the face because the baby was white/hispanic. At the same time, they don't want De'Marquise to be subjected to criminal prosecution. If he were to be prosecuted, they want the court to try him to be only made up of people from the black community. Considering they are calling on the death of all white people, I doubt they would even do such a thing if given the chance. To the New Black Panther Party... De'Marquise Elkins and all of his accomplices are heroes.

I saw the New Black Panther Party appear on First Coast News the other day protesting at the hearing for the Mother and Sister of De'Marquise Elkins. Their interview only lasted a moment. During the interview they only stated that they were unhappy because the accused had been indicted so quickly. Then some pastor from Brunswick was interviewed and he called the New Black Panther Party a hate group. That pastor, Adkins, well he has no room to talk. See the video below:

Brunswick Pastor Adkins Youtube Video:


New Black Panther Party Ten Point Plan:

New Black Panther Party Radio (You will hear them call for the death of all whites of all age groups, be sure to use discretion as most of the content is disturbing):

Now is not the time for us to be divided, but for us to come together as a community and clean up our neighborhoods. To ensure this tragedy never occurs again.

Photo Collection Baby Antonio

Friday, March 29, 2013

FCN Videos

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3/24/2013 Brunswick Pastor Apologizes for Violence

3/24/2013 Brunswick Community Prays for Healing & Forgiveness

3/25/2013 Brunswick Father Grieves over Loss

3/25/2013 Daughter of Brunswick Victim, Sherry West, Questions her Mother

3/25/2013 Sister of Murdered Toddler Reacts

3/25/2013 Family of 15 Year Old Suspect says He's Not a Baby Killer

3/26/2013 Baby Murder Lawyer says, Suspect "Absolutely" Not Guilty

3/26/2013 Toddler's Mother Responds to Negative Accusations

3/27/2013 Baby Murder Suspect's Mother & Aunt Arrested

3/27/2013 Accused Baby Killer's Aunt has Lengthy Criminal History

3/27/2013 What Could the Two Brunswick Teens Face in Court

3/27/2013 Breaking News, Murder Charges for Teens

3/27/2013 Teens Indicted in Brunswick Toddler Killing

3/27/2013 Investigation Continues in Brunswick Toddler Slaying

3/29/2013 Bullet Recovered in Brunswick Toddler Murder

3/29/2013 Brunswick Commissioner Released from Jail

3/29/2013 Brunswick Commissioner Released from Jail, Issues Apology

3/29/2013 Mother & Sister of Accused Not Released from Jail, New Black Panther Party Protests

3/29/2013 Brunswick Block Party brings Hope after Murder of Baby Antonio

Thursday, March 28, 2013

FCN News Stories

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3/21/2013 Manhunt Underway in Brunswick Baby Shooting

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3/24/2013 Police say Anonymous Tip Led to Arrest 

3/25/2013 Families say Teens are Innocent of Murder

3/26/2013 Lawyer says Accused Teen is 1000% Innocent

3/26/2013 Gun Recovered in Brunswick Baby Shooting 

3/27/2013 Brunswick Police say Baby Shooting was Random

3/28/2013 Possible Arraignment Date for Accused Baby Killers

3/29/2013 De'Marquise's Mother and Sister Appear in Court

3/29/2013 Police Explore Gang Tie in Brunswick Baby Shooting

3/30/2013 Facebook Page, Execute De'Marquise Elkins as Reported by FCN

Sherry West Photo Collection

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Father's Heart

I never put much thought into what it would be like to lose a child. I am a married, working, very ambitious mother of three children who are all school age. I've always had to balance my career with my family life. Due to this type of life, my children haven't always had me around. I try to be there as much as I can but sometimes it just isn't enough. Recently I came to realization that the old saying was true: "life passes you by when you're busy making other plans".

The day Antonio Santiago and his mother, Sherry West, were attacked made me realize that my life and the lives of my family members could be snuffed out at any moment. After all I am a neighbor of the family that was attacked, the attack happened on my street. It's a harsh reality when it dawns on you, that you cannot keep anyone safe. Life that is so precious can be stolen in a mere moment.

Since this tragedy hit so close to home, I felt that it was only right that I attend a prayer vigil. My mother and I walked down with a candle to light for the memorial. When we arrived we were a little late, the prayer had already started. As my mother and I walked past the police standing guard then into the crowd, I recognized Luis Santiago praying beside the mayor. I bowed my head and began praying, as I did; reality hit me hard. This was an innocent baby, so full of life. What a heinous act of pure evil, yet even though this was a horrible act; we still came together in prayer. Hearing about a murder is one thing, experiencing the horror for yourself is entirely different.

As the prayer ended we stood around, some talking amongst themselves. Others were just numb, tears rolling down their faces. My mother and I were crying, it was impossible to hold back the emotion. Luis walked up to the memorial, then leaned down to adjust some of the stuffed animals left there. I fumbled for a lighter to light the candle as my mother went to comfort Luis. Luis stood up then turned around towards my mother. I lit the candle then laid it on the ground beside the others.

My mother grasped Luis' forearm and said "I'm sorry". Her voice cracked due to the emotion. "I'm sorry for your loss", She repeated. Luis and my mother leaned in and embraced each other. I stood there just in a daze. I muttered "I am so sorry". I was really at a loss of words, what could anyone say to comfort someone that just lost their child due to such callous violence. A little girl walked up to us, her father standing behind her. Luis looked down at her, his face wet from tears; he tried to crack a smile. He patted her head then looked to us and said, "Watch your children, Satan is here and he is out to destroy." Those words struck me. I knew he was right.

Anyone that would shoot an innocent baby in the face is cold and empty. I believe people like De'Marquise Elkins are easily tempted. Raised in hostile environments that don't teach the value of life, how to care for others, how to love and even love yourself. When you are shown no love, how can you love anyone else? I truly believe that De'Marquise is a product of an abusive home life. A life where your mother is a felon by the time you're a preteen. When you are taught to steal and cheat as a source of income, instead of being taught the value of hard work. De'Marquise wasn't taught right from wrong, he was taught to take what you can when you can, no matter who you hurt in the process. So that's what he did.

Even amongst evil, I still see the good. I saw a father who forgave the children who murdered his baby. Such an amazing gift is forgiveness, not just for the person being forgiven; also for the person forgiving. Letting it go and giving it God is all you can do sometimes. Somethings are just too big for us to handle. I felt the Lord beside us that evening, before a little toy guitar, a stuffed bear and trinkets sparkling from the candlelight. A lady began to sing amazing grace, some joined her while others hummed along. Standing there in shock to see what could have easily happened to my family. A heartbreak that I won't soon recover from.  A reminder to never be too comfortable and always take time for my children. You really never know when your time is up.

Our tears will dry, our hearts will heal... but we will never forget. Rest in peace Antonio. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe always in his loving arms... Today I sat down with my little girls and colored a picture. We laughed and played, it was something I had missed but didn't realize I was missing. Nothing is more important than your children, remember to take time for them always.